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Louise Blouin — MeToo — OpEd

Since October 2017 and the start of the #Me Too movement, I have felt connected to the plight of women who have been harassed and sexually abused. This abuse, as evidenced in the actions of Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose — to name only two — hit home for me not only because of my own experiences of harassment perpetrated by the New York Post journalist Keith Kelly, but also because a former employee, Benjamin Genocchio, was at the center of a sexual harassment scandal after he left my company for Artnet… And it doesn’t end there. Why has it taken me so long to speak out? Perhaps I have not had the courage, or it was due to my upbringing, when I was taught to proudly endure any curves or hardships that life may throw at you; or it was because as a company owner, successful entrepreneur and philanthropist — who has given resources of time and money to the arts — I felt that I was not entitled to speak, to convey my story. However, out of respect and solidarity with those in the #MeT…